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  • Yearbook Photographs: A photo for the yearbook is included with all sessions. To insure on time arrival yearbook images must be chosen 2 weeks prior to your school’s yearbook deadline. We will submit yearbook images directly to schools that contract with us. Please ask us if that applies to your school. Otherwise the student is responsible for delivering their own photo to their school’s yearbook staff. We provide both tux and black drape at no charge that can be used for your session. topup

  • Outdoor Sessions: will be scheduled in the afternoon to take advantage of premium lighting situations and will be subject to rescheduling based on weather conditions. topup

  • Clothing Guidelines: At Robert Pierce Studios we want to create portraits of people, not clothing. Apparel and props should be secondary and should not detract from the subject. (Some fashions quickly become dated) Dress according to the style(s) and affect(s) you want i.e., formal or informal, indoors or outdoors etc. For creating the most complementary images, we recommend solid colors and long sleeves. They are physically the most flattering and do not detract from the focal point of your portrait – YOU! Silks and leathers, sweaters and denims are timeless in portraits and make great clothing choices. Avoid busy patterns and stripes or florescent colors. If apparel has a special meaning, regardless of the whether it fits the above guidelines, please feel free to bring it into the studio as one of your clothing choices. We provide both tux and black drape at no charge that can be used as a clothing change. topup

  • Posing and Backgrounds:  Hands will show in many photographs. Accordingly fingernails should be clean and manicured. Our photographers have the experience to choose a background to compliment your clothing and enhance your skin and hair coloring. topup

  • Props and Buddies: In the personality session we encourage you to bring a prop that helps create a statement of who you are. A prop might be a musical instrument, a hat, a representation of your hobby, a sport related uniform or a letterman jacket. Buddies could be a pet, a friend, parent or sibling. If your buddy is a person, coordination with your clothing is essential for the best possible portrait. If your buddy is an animal, we ask that you bring a friend to care for the animal when it is not being photographed. topup

  • Retouching: Retouching of blemishes and smoothing fine lines is included on all final portraits. Normal retouching will not fix hair, out of place clothing, remove glare on glasses, tan lines, strap marks, teeth, braces or heavy acne. If additional retouching is requested a quote will be given. topup

  • Ordering and Payment: All session fees must be paid at the time the session is booked. Payment in full is required when placing an order. Orders will be completed in approximately 4 weeks, but that time can fluctuate depending on the time of year.  Senior photographs will be available to order from for 1 year after graduation. topup

  • Copyright: It is illegal to copy or reproduce photographs taken by Robert Pierce Studios without the studio’s written permission. Violators of this federal law will be subject to its criminal and civil penalties. topup

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