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Robert PierceMaster Photographer Robert A. Pierce has been in photography since 1966. He opened Robert Pierce Studios in 1976 where his focus has been primarily on portrait illustration for wall décor. Robert has won many awards, earned the title of Master Photographer/ Craftsman from Professional Photographers of America and has served on the board of trustees and held office for many professional photographers associations. As a member of these organizations he subscribes to a high code of ethics. He is proud to say he was the first to become a Certified Professional Photographer in Sonoma County and is dedicated to the betterment of the photographic community and industry. Being an active member of Santa Rosa Rotary allows Robert to give back to the community that has brought so much to him.

Robert has embraced the new generation of imagery becoming most proficient in the art of digital image manipulation. “The advent of the digital age in photography has brought a whole new meaning to the word creativity. Mastering programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter have given us more tools to use in the creation of striking images. However, it matters less how an image is created or what medium is used, as much as how it moves the viewer to feel something. Our goal at Robert Pierce Studios is to create images for our clients that are not only complementary but also appropriate for their needs. Most importantly, we want to create a personal statement that will become a centerpiece for their home and a part of their heritage.”

Of all the fields of photography that Robert has experience in, from underwater to aerial, portraiture is the most rewarding to him as photographic artist. “Trained as a fine artist and commercial illustrator, I find the style that I have is not much different than if I were to use a canvas and paint.  There’s just not enough time in this life to be able illustrate all the families and people that I would want to portray. I feel very fortunate to have had a career that has been so interesting and fulfilling.”

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